The Saguaro is the iconic giant cactus of the the american west deserts : it's full of symbolism!It is our source of inspiration!
Explanations ...


Not a day goes by without the publication of new cataclysmic figures on global warming, the collapse of biodiversity, pollution or even deforestation. Our purpose is not to add to the daily dose but, because the effects are not yet visible (for most of us) and it is human to want to deny, sweeten or forget what escapes our senses, remember that the scientific consensus leaves no doubt: humanity is heading in the short term towards a dead end if current trajectory is maintained : i.e the "business as usual" scenario of the last 50 years (see the latest IPCC and IPBES reports to name only those). Likewise, there is no longer any doubt as to the depth of the transformation to be made in order to escape from it, whether individually or collectively.
It is in this context and under the combined pressure of customers, employees, shareholders and the regulator, that Enterprise will have to change, all like our giant cactus had to metamorphose to fight the extreme aridity of the desert.
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Constrained by limited resources, the Saguaro has imposed to itself an operating economy, an frugality by focusing on what is essential to its development.
How ?
  • By developing strategies of strong symbiosis with its ecosystem, by valuing its own waste (visible or invisible) in such a way as to ensure its growth, at least, its survival.
  • By profoundly transforming its mode of operation, its internal processes: for example by shifting the production of its photosynthesis in its stems and trunk; by turning its leaves into thorns to capture moisture from the air, protect against UV rays and predation.
The company's internal processes have been massively digitized over the past two decades, so it is precisely here, at the heart of what has become the blood system of the entire organization, that aguaro offers its know-how !
Our main activity is therefore to publish applications that extend the company's digital tools with new functionalities that reduce the environmental impacts associated with the processes they support, the very ones that form the enterprise value chain.

And, because these changes can only come to life through the organization and the persons who participate to them, aguaro associates with its applications, a complete set of services including among others: consulting, training and management of change.

Change the world while having fun?
It's bad enough to not take oneself seriously

The Saguaro is also called the great sage of the Arizona desert. Ours is looking for a "joy" of living, simple, deep and lasting, at odds with artificial happiness, based on material comfort, social success or even "self-love". Just as fear is useless to our cactus (can neither flee nor fight), our bias is to accept with lucidity what is and to strive to find solutions or alternatives to improve what can be done.
Associated with a meaningful project, these inspirations are part of a set of values that form the soul of aguaro. In a world accelerated by the duo: globalization / digital and made more uncertain than ever by global warming, we must expect that everything will change on the surface, our values then become a crucial reference points : our roots.
It is therefore quite natural that we are a mission-based company: that is committed to keep at the same level and not dissociate its financial, social and environmental objectives. We thus intend to make a positive contribution to society and benefit all the partners, employees, customers and communities with whom we have to work (see PACTE Its aim is clear: liberated companies that are better funded, more innovative and fairer)


aguaro is managed by 2 IT specialists: Matthieu Poulard & Thibaut Hag. They combine more than 25 years of experience in consulting, sales, integration and creation of business IT solutions.

At their side, 2 great wise (wo)men specialists in environmental issues: Boris Bailly, co-founder of I Care & Consult & Marie Gaborit founder of Toovalu, a software solution that helps leaders and decision makers to bring CSR, climate challenges and their impacts at the heart of their strategy.

Marie Gaborit

Matthieu Poulard

Thibaut Hag

Boris Bailly